How Long Does It Take To Recover from a Tooth Extraction?

How Long Does It Take To Recover from a Tooth Extraction?

Feb 01, 2019

You may be going through persistent tooth ache and may be sure that the dentist would suggest getting it extracted. Or you may have already consulted the dentist and he had suggested a tooth extraction. The next thought that comes to your mind is how long will it take to recover and would it affect your routine?

Let’s Answer These Queries:

Why Would a Person Need a Tooth Extraction?

The dentist near Calgary generally suggests tooth extraction for following issues:

  • A cavity that has damaged the tooth beyond repair
  • When the tooth is broken with no scope of putting it back together.
  • The gum disease has weakened the bone supporting the tooth.
  • The baby tooth is not falling out and blocking adult tooth.
  • For creating space for denture, dental implant, or orthodontic treatment.
  • The tooth is painful, infected, or impacted.

How long does it take to recover from an extraction?

According to the dentist in SW Calgary the recovery may take time depending on the size and location of tooth extracted as well as on the basis of patient’s overall dental health. It also depends on how well does the patient follows instructions post extraction.

During simple extraction, you may need to rest for 48 to 72 hours and you can return to your normal routine within 3-4 days. The soft tissue will heal on its own within 3-4 weeks. In case of surgical extraction, the recovery may take a little longer. The dentist will ask to rest for 48 to 78 hours and restrict the physical activity for few weeks.

How long should you take before resuming your work depends on the nature of the job! You can discuss this with your surgeon and dentist.

Recovery tips for extractions

  • You must avoid brush or floss for few days near the treated site.
  • Avoid smoking as it can cause infection.
  • Avoid any kind of physical activity.
  • Keep head in elevated position while sleeping.
  • For reducing swelling and pain, use a cold compress.
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