Calgary Treatment Options for TMJ

Calgary Treatment Options for TMJ

Nov 01, 2018

Occlusion has a strong relation to your posture and balance, which can affect your entire body directly.

Malocclusion happens when the lower and upper teeth deviate from their ideal position, causing the bite to be improper. Most of the time it is the reason for dizziness, teeth grinding, headaches, and other symptoms that go along with TMJ.

Some of the signs and symptoms seen in TMJ patients are: (and there are many more)

  • Tooth grinding and clenching is a habit
  • Problem of opening your mouth all the way
  • Pain in your TMJ area
  • When opening and closing your mouth, there are painful pops or clicks in the joint
  • Sore jaw muscles when you wake up
  • Frequent neckaches and headaches
  • Your jaw will lock up

The dentists at Calgary will perform a functional rebalance to reduce postural and facial muscle tension trying to restore movements of their neck and head. Let the dentists at Calgary find the right TMJ treatment for you.

There are some biometric measurements taken of your bite to measure your bite-force distribution, your bite timing, and the exact area that your teeth contact. At this point, the teeth surfaces can be adjusted and shaped, and if any teeth are worn, they can be rebuilt.

To guide the dentist for balancing and shaping your teeth, they use a ‘T-Scan,’ which is a unique biometric occlusal scan system that will allow for strain reduction and aid in speeding up the therapy.

At Calgary, a Myo-Monitor is used that is much like a low-frequency TENS unit. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation) unit. It will deliver electrical impulses mildly to the muscle that moves your jaw. This pulsing rhythm will relax the muscles and get the ideal muscle function by an increase of blood flow, and it will flush out toxins.

It has been identified that with 45 minutes of this stimulation; when rechecked the muscles are found to be in their ideal position. Once verified the new position of the jaw is the one of physiologic rest then they can begin to design the right orthotic.

Once made, it can be worn to stabilize the patient's jaw in the right position and give them relief from the TMJ. The orthotic used at Calgary is “The Natural Fit Orthotic” and is made to rebalance the patient’s upper and lower jaw and improve the patient’s posture.

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