3 Myths About Tmj Treatment

3 Myths About Tmj Treatment

Feb 26, 2019

Do you feel pain in your face, jaw, ear or mouth? Or do you face difficulty while chewing food? Then there are chances that you are suffering from the problem of TMJ. This problem itself can cause you many problems ahead but more than that you will find lots of myths surrounding you that have major impacts if followed. To clarify these, it is very important for you to talk at Image Dental, because they know everything about this procedure. Following you will find a few myths about the TMJ treatment:

Myth #1: the only successful TMJ treatment is to get a surgery.

Surgery can be an option but that doesn’t mean that it is the only option. Surgery requires to remove the disk and place an artificial one or repair the same if possible (depends upon the condition). There are other ways also, by which you can get the treatment, TMJ therapists suggest-

  • First of all, you need to control the caffeine and sugar intake
  • You might need to change your position of sleeping. You need to sleep while facing the ceiling
  • Some oral exercises also help you to relax the area

Myth #2: There is one cause of TMJ disorder.

Another myth which people stuck with is that there is only one cause for this disorder but that is not the case. There are many causes to this problem, as given below-

  • You might encounter with some facial injury or accident
  • Arthritis or teeth grinding are other possible causes for TMJ disorder

Myth #3: you get used to the pain.

TMJ pain can be really severe and it stays for a long period of time. It doesn't mean that it stays for your life-time. There are lots of methods with the help of which you can get relief from the pain. You need to contact Image Dental. They will tell you the method which will help you in manage the pain due to this disorder.

There are lots of rumors, or misconceptions, around you regarding TMJ process but only the expert can tell you what is right and what is wrong. To get this differentiating factor you need to contact them and fix an appointment. As soon as you take action, the faster you will get relief from the problem.

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