Teeth Cleaning & Dental Checkups in Calgary, AB

Teeth Cleaning & Dental Checkups in Calgary, AB

Even though at-home dental care is an essential part of optimal oral health, it is important to regularly visit your dentist for a professional teeth cleaning near you. It only takes plaque and tartar up to 6 months to develop and start damaging the teeth, so a routine cleaning can help stop the damaging bacteria in its tracks.

Teeth Cleaning & Dental Checkups in Calgary, AB

Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleaning in Calgary, AB

A dental cleaning in Calgary has various benefits, including:

  • Removing Plaque
  • Preventing Cavities
  • Keeping Gums Healthy
  • Stopping Tooth Loss
  • Removing Stains
  • Brightening Smile
  • Freshen Breath

Benefits of a Professional Dental Exam

Most dental complications can be easily treated when spotted, early there are various benefits to a professional dental checkup in Calgary, including:

  • Early Detection of Dental Issues
  • Detection of Systemic Diseases
  • Detection of Oral Cancers

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Dental Check-Up Process

  • We will take digital images of your smile and jaw to determine if any problems exist.
  • We will perform a complete, physical inspection of your entire mouth to check for any decay, infections, complications or diseases.
  • We will thoroughly discuss our findings and any recommended treatment options.

Maintaining Dental Care at Home

It is essential to brush and floss every day at least twice a day; you should also visit the dentist for a professional cleaning at least twice a year. It will improve your dental hygiene and provide many benefits to your health.

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