Root Canal Treatment in Calgary, AB

Root Canal Treatment in Calgary, AB

Do you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth? Experiencing a chronic toothache that just won’t go away? You may have an infected, damaged or inflamed tooth root that is in need of treatment. At Image Dental, we are proud to offer root canal treatment in Calgary, Alberta, for our patients with compromised root canals or tooth pulp.

Root Canal Treatment in Calgary, AB

Reasons For Root Canal Therapy in SW Calgary

There are many reasons why root canal therapy may be needed but, the most common cause is the carious process (the uncontrolled process of tooth decay). When tooth decay begins, it penetrates the outer layer of enamel and causes a cavity to form. If this process is not stopped in the early phase, the decay will continue toward the nerve of the tooth. Other causes include a fracture that exposes the pulp, traumatic injuries such as a blow to a tooth, a cracked or loose filling or repeated fillings in a tooth and, occasionally from periodontal (gum) disease.

Calgary Root Canal Treatment Process

  • Cleaning the root canal. A tiny opening will be made in your affected tooth to carefully, gently and thoroughly remove any decay and unhealthy tooth pulp. The root canal will then be smoothened and prepared for the filling material.
  • Filling the root canal. In root canal treatment in Calgary, once the bacteria, infection and unhealthy pulp have been thoroughly removed and cleaned, the root canal will be filled using a specialized dental material and then sealed into place using dental cement.
  • Restoring your affected tooth. Once the inside of your affected tooth has been treated, it is recommended to treat the outside of your tooth. We offer dental crowns which can provide additional protection while restoring the appearance of your tooth.

About Our Root Canal Therapy in Calgary

At Image Dental in Calgary, the goal of our dental root canal treatment is to remove the compromised pulp (the soft tissue that lives inside the crown and roots made up of blood vessels, nerves and lymph vessels that help keep your tooth nourished), infection and bacteria in your root canal and improve the health of your affected tooth. The affected tooth will also be filled with unique material to prevent additional infection to a comfortable state by removing the damaged tissue. We also recommend restoring the outside of the tooth for additional protection and to improve the appearance of the tooth.

You may be referred to an endodontist in Calgary, a specialist who limits his/her practice to root canal procedures. The sooner you can get treatment and be proactive about it the better; your risk of losing the damaged tooth is decreased, your pain can be relieved, and your SW Calgary dentist may prevent infection from spreading further.

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