Family Dentistry in Calgary, AB

Family Dentistry in Calgary, AB

Why Choose a Family Dentistry?

  • Convenience – with several members of the family, it can be very inconvenient to jump from one dentist’s office to another. Imagine spending an afternoon taking your youngest to a pediatric dentist, and then your oldest to their orthodontist, and then to a general dentist to get your own checkup. You will have wasted so much time driving around, when you could have just joined us at Image Dental, where we can take care of every member of the family. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Family Dentistry in Calgary, AB

  • Commitment – when you start your little ones off on the right foot with Image Dental, you are making a commitment to helping them get the best oral health possible. We will instruct them on the proper ways to take care of their teeth and make sure all their questions are answered. As they start growing up, we will have a full dental history to see the changes happening in their mouth and predict any issues that may arise based on this history.
  • Compassion – your child’s first visit sets the precedent for all future visits, so we always offer a friendly and welcoming environment. Our years of experience help us to reduce your child’s risk of dental anxiety later on. Through compassionate care, we will make sure that every member of the family feels safe and comfortable.

Dr Travis Polischuk

Planning Your Little One’s First Visit

We recommend your child’s first visit around 2 years old. While their baby teeth will eventually fall out, it can be important to monitor their development to determine if any preventive measures need to be taken. Oftentimes, early orthodontic intervention can lower the amount of time needed for orthodontics later.

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