Emergency Dentistry in Calgary, AB

Emergency Dentistry in Calgary, AB

Need emergency dental services near you? When it comes to dental emergencies, they can be stressful enough without also having to try and hunt down an emergency dentist in Calgary. At Image Dental we are proud to offer emergency dental treatment for our patients that have experienced an injury and need immediate dental care. Whether you have a toothache, have damaged a tooth or have even knocked out a tooth, our emergency dentist can help.

Emergency Dentistry in Calgary, AB

Emergency Dental Services Near You

To maintain a healthy smile and optimal oral health, it is important to treat any injuries or emergencies promptly to avoid further complications. At Image Dental, cracked teeth and knocked out teeth are the most common dental emergencies we see, however, we can help with anything during your time of need. We are committed to providing you with same day emergency care, so you can rest easy knowing that you will be looked after.

What to do to help minimize discomfort before seeing us for dental emergency care

  • For patients that are experiencing a toothache, try flossing and rinsing your mouth to see if it provides any relief. If not, contact Image Dental for emergency dentistry in Calgary, AB.
  • For patients with a damaged tooth, thoroughly rinse your mouth. If there is swelling present, a cold compress can help. Contact Image Dental for emergency dental treatment as further complications can occur due to the damage.
  • For dislodged teeth, immediately place the tooth in water, milk or your own saliva and thoroughly rinse your mouth. Contact Image Dental for an emergency dentist near you right away.

Please call us right away for dental emergency care. When a dental emergency arises whether big or small, it is tempting to put it off until a more practical time. However, when it comes to dental pain or issues, time is usually the essence. Receiving prompt care is more important, so call us today to help with your dental emergency.

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Have you experienced a dental emergency? Contact Image Dental right away for emergency dental services near you. We are accepting new patients and are always happy to help you in your time of need.

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