Dental Crowns in Calgary, AB

Dental Crowns in Calgary, AB

Did you know that each of your teeth depends on the other teeth to help you chew, eat and even speak correctly? When one of your teeth becomes severely decayed or damaged, it could threaten the health of your surrounding teeth and smile, making it more difficult to chew, eat and speak along with altering the appearance of your smile. At Image Dental, we are proud to offer dental crowns in Calgary, perfect for our patients interested in restoring the health, function, and appearance of their affected tooth.

Dental Crowns in Calgary, AB

About Our Dental Crown Treatment Near You

Crowns are created to have the look and feel of a real tooth. The crowns can be lightened to any shade and last the longest out of any restoration options.

Cosmetic dental crowns also called “tooth caps,” are a restorative dentistry procedure in which the entire tooth is covered using a crown to prevent further decay and damage, and cracks while strengthening the tooth. Our dental crowns near you can be a great option when damage or decay is too extensive for a filling, inlay or even onlay. A dental crown has the option to be made of gold, other metals, or porcelain which makes them very durable and robust, so the need for replacement is not necessary.

Dental Crown Treatment Process

When it comes to dental crowns in Calgary, AB, our procedure is a two-step procedure. During your first appointment, we’ll determine whether you are a candidate and prepare your tooth to receive your crown. An impression will be taken to design and create your perfect dental crown, and a temporary crown will be placed. Expect to wait one week between each visit while your crown is being fabricated. In the meantime, take care of your temporary crown by avoiding hard or sticky foods until your next appointment.

During your second visit, the temporary crown will be removed so that your brand new cosmetic dental crown can be fit, and placed. If the crown is not perfect, we may alter the shape to better suit your desires.

Things to Know About Dental Crowns:

  • Some can fracture by biting on hard surfaces or grinding your teeth
  • The procedure requires anesthesia
  • The original tooth form is altered
  • Crowns are never permanent; they need replacement after 5 to 15 years
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