Dental Bridges in Calgary, AB

Dental Bridges in Calgary, AB

Frequently hiding your smile due to missing teeth? Considering a dental bridge in Calgary? People often underestimate how important our teeth are for our oral and general health. Not only can missing teeth affect your appearance, but it can also create a variety of problems ultimately resulting in additional missing teeth. At Image Dental, we provide dental bridges a restorative dentistry treatment option for patients that are wanting to restore the function and appearance of their smile.

Dental Bridges in Calgary, AB

About Our Dental Bridges

Our smiles are supposed to have a natural balance, the upper teeth make contact with the corresponding lower teeth, allowing for a proper bite, chewing and eating. When a tooth is missing, it can begin to throw off this entire balance, resulting in shifted, misaligned teeth, completely altering your bite and appearance of your smile.

Our dental bridges in Calgary can replace these missing teeth, allowing you to bite, chew and eat properly while improving the appearance of your smile and preventing further complications. A bridge can replace one or multiple teeth and is attached to adjacent natural teeth with crowns, or using dental implants.

Benefits of Our Dental Bridges in Calgary

When it comes to reviving your smile, our dental bridges in Calgary, AB has various benefits which include:

  • Reduced risk of decay.
  • Reduced risk of gum disease.
  • Restore your natural bite.
  • Maintain a natural bite.
  • Reduce stress on other teeth.
  • Keep teeth in their proper position.
  • Improve bite, chewing, eating and speaking function

Living with a bridge

Dental bridges look and feel like real teeth. They remain in the mouth at all times and can only be removed by a dentist. Bridges like teeth need to be taken care of to avoid overloading and potentially loosening or damaging the structure of the bridge. Good oral hygiene helps and seeing us at least twice a year for cleaning and checkup to make sure the bridge is sturdy and in good support.

Dr Travis Polischuk

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