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Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Calgary

Mar 16, 2020
Research suggests that about 15% of adults in the U.S shy away from getting dental treatments because of fear and anxiety. This significantly puts them at risk of serious infections, tooth damage or loss and even oral cancer. The fear of dentists is so serious that it actually treated as a true condition referred to as dental phobia. At Image Dental Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are concerned about you neglecting your oral health. To diminish your dread for dental procedures, we provide a range of sedation methods to keep you at ease during treatment. There is a benefit to each type of sedation depending on the nature of the patient. Whether you have experienced some form of trauma in the past or you are outrightly scared of the dental clinic, sedatives will offer some type of advantage.

Relieves Anxiety

When you are anxious, it becomes difficult to control your movements and this can impend effective treatment. Our certified and professional sedation dentist in Calgary will help manage your fear and anxiety by administering a suitable type of sedative. So, if the sound, smell or sight of a dental clinic is not something you can withstand, the sedative will calm you down and allow you sit still through a procedure. if you choose to be completely sedated, you may have little or no recollection of the treatment.

Eliminates Pain and Discomfort

There is no denying that some procedures can be quite painful. We all have different levels of tolerance to pain while for others conditions like extra-sensitivity leaves them extremely vulnerable. Also, since your mouth has to remain wide open for most part of dental procedures, this can be uncomfortable especially for kids or persons with special needs. Sedation can help keep you comfortable and numb pain so that you can go through a procedure smoothly. At our sedation dentistry clinic in Calgary, AB, we are able to discuss your concerns before the start of the procedure and educate on all possible sedation options. This way, you can walk into a procedure with peace of mind.

Allows Dentist to Work Faster

It is a difficult task for any human to stay still for a long time. Sometimes the small movements you may constantly make during a dental treatment can really slow the progress of the dentist. So, to save both you and the dentist time, you can choose to be sedated and give room for the dentist to work faster. This may be during procedures like regular cleanings, applying sealants or fixing dental bridges. Depending on the type of sedative used, you can have your dental appointment without interfering much with your regular schedule.

Reduces Gag Reflex

Gag reflex is a good thing since it helps expel any intrusive or foreign object from the throat. However, some patients are extremely sensitive and will occasionally gag whenever anything touches their mouth. This can greatly interfere with the work of a dentist, especially when there is need to reach deep into the oral cavity as patient will constantly choke and sputter. Since gagging is both a psychological and physiological response, sedation is effective in providing the needed calmness to a patient. Usually, mild sedatives like oral sedation and nitrous oxide are used.
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Reduces Number of Appointments

When undergoing extensive or invasive dental procedures, sedation can help dentists accomplish more within a short time. Since you are calm and numb, the dentist has the time to work on your treatment within fewer visits. This is great since you get to spend less time at the clinic and have enough time to recover away from the clinic as you go about your daily life. Are you curious to learn more about sedation dentistry near you? Our professional team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have. During the consultation we will discuss the variety of sedatives available and the pros and cons of each. You will also be educated on why a particular sedative could be a better option for you than the other.
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