Rescue Your Tooth With Root Canal Therapy

Apr 16, 2019

It is quite essential to take proper care of your teeth so that it does not catch any sort of infection or bacteria. In case when they catch infection, it is very essential that treatment for extraction is taken otherwise the decay would exceed and may cause issues for other surrounding tissue or teeth. In cases when oral health is at risk, root canal therapy can be an effective solution.

What is root canal?

Root canal is a treatment with which patient can get rid of infection in tooth. In many cases, tooth can be restored because, in Root canal therapy, an endodontist will reach to the infected pulp at its core and will remove it leaving behind the teeth.

With root canal, the risk of tooth loss can be avoided as it is made sure that no more bacteria get inside the tooth.

Other symptoms of tooth infection

The other symptoms of tooth infection can be:

  • Sensitivity to extreme temperature
  • Sensitivity to pressure while chewing
  • Mild fever
  • Swollen lymph nodes under the jaw
  • Rush of foul tasting fluid

When do you need one?

Root canal is a treatment which is often essential when the decay in the tooth is at extreme level that necessarily requires an effective solution. The major cause of infection can be decay, cavities or cracks through injury. One must regularly brush and floss to avoid decay. With proper oral health and hygiene, decay and infection to tooth can be avoided.

In case when level of decay is high and bacteria have already reached to the dental pulp, Root canal therapy can be effective solution. When you experience significant pain around infected tooth or feels swelling and inflammation in mouth, it is the right time to consult an expert dentist. Tooth pain can be a sign that you have infection and in such cases, you must not delay the visit to clinic.

Keep those teeth healthy!

By taking right steps for maintaining oral hygiene, requirement of root canal can be avoided. Brush daily to avoid this.

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