How Preventive Dentistry Protects Your Smile

How Preventive Dentistry Protects Your Smile

May 23, 2018

Are you interested in protecting your smile as much as possible? At Image Dental in Southwest Calgary we believe that preventive dentistry is an essential tool for healthy smiles. Unlike other SW Calgary dental offices, we believe preventing dental complications is a better approach then attempting to restore a patient’s smile after issues have already occurred. In order to do so, we offer a range of preventive dental care services perfect for protecting your smile.

Teeth Cleanings & Examinations

Although we recommend routine at home dental care, we also recommend visiting us for professional dental checkups as well. During your routine visits to your SW Calgary dentist, we can thoroughly examine and clean your entire mouth, ensuring there is no leftover debris, plaque or bacteria along with making sure no signs of decay, infection, disease and even cancer are present.

Dental Sealants

Have you ever looked at the surfaces of your teeth? You probably noticed depressions and pits all over your teeth, right? These areas on your teeth are the perfect place for debris, bacteria and plaque to hide, increasing your risk of decay and infection. Dental sealants create a barrier on the surface of your teeth, preventing plaque, bacteria and debris from becoming trapped and making it easier for patients to properly clean their teeth.


Did you know over 5,000,000 teeth are knocked out each year? The majority of these missing teeth could have been prevented with the use of a custom-fit mouthguard. At Image Dental, we offer custom mouth guards which are personalized per patient, ensuring a proper and comfort fit along with maximum protection.

TMJ Treatment

For anyone suffering from TMJ, they understand how debilitating the associated symptoms can be. Unfortunately, the uncomfortable symptoms aren’t the only damage TMJ can cause, in fact the unconscious clenching and grinding can result in damaged, decayed and even broken teeth. With our TMJ oral appliances, you can reduce the symptoms associated with TMJ while also protecting your teeth.

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