Truths About Periodontal Disease and Periodontal Care

Jun 01, 2020
Gum disease is a very common dental problem in dentistry. However, very few people acknowledge that it can be detrimental to their oral health, not to mention, their overall health. People tend to take the gum tissue for granted, not knowing how significant it is in completing one’s dentition. Without your gum tissue, it would be next to impossible to keep your teeth intact in your mouth. You can now see why infection in this part of your mouth outs your mouth at risk of so many dental problems. Read on to learn more about the disease and the care you must accord it.

What is Periodontal Disease?

It is a dental illness that features and infection of the gum tissues, which is why it is commonly known as gum disease. The infection on the gums spread to other parts of your mouth, putting your entire health at risk. Without prompt periodontal care provided by dentist near you in Calgary, AB, it can be difficult to lead a normal life. Some of the ways that periodontal disease can hold you back from enjoying life include the following:
  1. Bleeding – every attempt to eat hard foods or even brush your teeth will result in bleeding in your gum tissue.
  2. Pain and discomfort – chewing will be especially difficult when your gum tissue is tender and swollen because of the infection. The mouth sores that always keep coming back will also add to the discomfort that comes with the infected gums.
  3. Loss of teeth – have you ever envisioned your life as a toothless person? Well, that is a possible future when your gums are infected and you do not get periodontal care in Calgary, as soon as possible. The infection will cause your gums to recede from your teeth, leaving them without ample support. Besides, the bone tissue will also be damaged by the infection, compromising the stability of your teeth.
  4. Bad breath – there is no telling the extent to which your mouth will smell when you have gum disease. This is especially the case if the reason for the infection has to do with poor oral hygiene.
  5. Lower self-confidence – if you thought your confidence was compromised before, wait until the periodontal disease takes over your life. These are the main reason why periodontal care in Frisco, TX matters

Fast Facts About the Disease

Some of the following facts will help you better understand the condition. Besides, knowing what ails you is the first step to finding the perfect solution for the problem.
  1. Gum disease does not only affect the gum tissue, but also the bone tissue. If you give it time to progress, you will be shocked at how advanced the infection can go.
  2. Poor oral hygiene is one of the main reasons for this disease. Plaque builds-up on the surfaces of your teeth then settles at the base of the teeth. from here, your body’s immune system launches a reaction to the plaque, hence the disease.
  3. Changing your hygiene technique is part of the treatment solution.
  4. Some other health conditions of the body have been linked to diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

More About Periodontal Care

Periodontal care near you in SW Calgary, AB will focus on the different treatment options available for the different stages of this disease. As you will realize with periodontal care at Calgary, AB, the treatment for this disease is focused on getting rid of the infection pockets around the teeth. These efforts will help prevent the progression to other parts of the oral cavity. In such cases, laser treatment is used to remove the infected pockets, as well as kill the infected tissues. As a result, the body accelerates the production of collagen, bone tissues, as well as new cells for the gum tissue. Proper periodontal care, however, is about so much more than having a laser treatment. this treatment might get rid of your infection, but that is not the end of the road. You must change up some things in your lifestyle to ensure you have a long-term solution to treat your disease. Some of the changes include:
  1. Frequent and consistent teeth brushing and flossing
  2. Deep cleans every couple of months.
  3. Quitting smoking and all tobacco usage
  4. Cutting down on alcohol consumption
Have your doctor change your medication for something different than what you are currently taking.
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