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What Is LANAP Treatment?

Oct 31, 2018
In today's article we will discuss LANAP treatment, how it can help you, and why you may want it. To begin, LANAP, also known as Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure is a powerful weapon in the battle against gum disease. More and more patients are beginning to understand how severe gum disease can truly be over the course of time. In an effort to combat gum disease, LANAP has been developed to put an end to periodontal problems once and for all.

The LANAP Treatment Process

The treatment process itself allows patients to heal themselves. The precise and targeted removal of the disease gum tissue it's a great as it keeps the other healthy body tissue perfectly intact. LANAP treatment is painless, as it uses a laser.

Post-Operative Care

This laser eliminates the need for traditional or conventional periodontal surgery. This opens up the gates for many patients that have, in the past, been hesitant to perform such a procedure. This procedure involves no loss of tissue volume, and because there is no cutting, patients can resume their day-to-day lives almost immediately. After treatment, our patients are monitored closely at regular appointments. After the initial 12 months post operation, a further evaluation is executed, that includes full mouth x-rays and a thorough periodontal examination.
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Advantages of LANAP Treatment

Lanap treatment brings many different kinds of benefits that include fast recovery, minimum gum recession, minor postoperative discomfort, regeneration without external materials, less bleeding, and finally a reduced risk of postoperative infections. All of these together allow for a healthier life after LANAP processes. Without periodontal disease present in your body, you are able to live without the risk of further complications down the line. At Image Dental in Calgary, AB, we strive to keep all of our patients as informed as possible. The way we achieve this is by making ourselves available to all of our clients via phone, email, and our communal blog. However, if you do still have questions concerning LANAP treatment and would like our help answering those questions, we would love the opportunity to do so! Give us a call today or send us an email as soon as possible to get started!
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