Guide to Children’s Dentistry in Calgary

The Ultimate Guide to Children’s Dentistry

Jan 07, 2020
As children grow up they go through different stages of oral changes and development. They begin experiencing rapid development of the jawbone and gums during the early ages. They also experience the loss of their baby teeth to have the eruption and development of permanent teeth around the ages of six. Children's dentistry in Calgary is deeply connected with oral health as well as the overall health of the child as well as the parents but suggests that the parents should provide the oral health of a child the importance it deserves. Lack of dental health during early ages can result in strokes, heart disease, and Alzheimer's in the later stages of life. Ensuring proper dental health of the child will allow parents to make sure the child has good overall health. Achieving this goal is not a challenge by any margin because excellent dental health of the child can be maintained by using some of the tips suggested.

Using Fluoride Toothpaste

Dental associations throughout the world recommend the use of fluoride toothpaste for children to the parents to ensure the child's oral health. Parents should begin brushing their child's teeth at around 18 months immediately as they observe the eruption of the first tooth. Using fluoride toothpaste will reduce tooth decay in children. It has been observed that children as young as two years old have needed extensive repairs for cavities under general anesthesia in recent times. The primary reasons for tooth decay among children is the lack of proper dental care and changed food habits. Tooth decay has been identified as one of the most common childhood diseases and can have some serious consequences if proper attention is not paid to it. Tooth decay can affect the child's ability to eat, speak, sleep, and learn and make them look away from their learning during studies. Fluoride toothpaste can effectively re-mineralize their teeth and prevent the rate of tooth decay.

Brushing Twice a Day

Besides using fluoride toothpaste it is also necessary to teach the children to brush properly. The children's dentistry near you would have suggested that the child should be taught to brush every part of their teeth and gums at least twice a day. Brushing properly can remove the buildup of plaque and prevent tooth decay in the children's mouths. The habit of brushing should be developed by the child from 18 months. The parent can begin brushing the child's teeth by tilting his or her head back and brushing their teeth in gentle circles. They must ensure that the child spits out the toothpaste. Between the ages of two and five, the parents must supervise the brushing and encourage the child to continue this task by themselves from the age of five. Care must be taken to ensure that the child brushes properly and not just for a few seconds. Educating the child about the importance of proper brushing and encouraging them to brush for at least two minutes is suggested by the children's dentistry in Calgary.

Regular Visits to the Dentist Can Begin Early

The child must be taken for a dental visit before their first birthday. The dentist in Calgary, AB, can analyze the teeth, gums, and jaw and take the steps necessary to ensure proper growth and development. Regular visits to the dentist during the initial years can help the child develop a healthy mouth. Early preventive dental care for children can help to reduce dental costs by approximately 40 percent. The dentists can identify early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and any other oral conditions to help you get the right treatment for the child. Children are not different from adults and need to visit the dentist twice every year. Teaching the child the benefit of regular dental visits at an early age will help them to maintain good oral health habits in adulthood.

Educating the Child about Flossing

Adults for reasons unknown believe children do not need flossing which is a mistake they should not be committing. The flossing should begin as soon as the child's teeth come into contact with each other. Brushing by itself will not help to remove all the food particles from the mouth and can lead to the buildup of plaque unless it is removed by flossing. Children should be encouraged to begin flossing by the age of five. Keeping the child away from sugary foods is difficult just as it is for adults to stay away from them. However, alternative measures can be adopted by the parent by replacing sugary drinks and foods with fruits, crackers, cheese, and water. These alternatives will provide everyone at home with good overall health and the child will be thankful for the strong and healthy teeth you provided them. Children's dentistry in Calgary, AB, will support your initiative wholeheartedly by recommending that you continue the habits to maintain good oral hygiene for yourselves as well as the child.
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