Explaining the Importance of Children’s Dentistry

Explaining the Importance of Children’s Dentistry

Nov 25, 2020
Children's dentistry includes all treatments needed by children to look after their teeth. Oral healthcare should begin for children from an early age, even before the child develops baby teeth. Dental experts encourage parents to provide oral care to children from infancy starting when the first tooth of the child erupts or by age one. The ADA and the CDC recommend that children begin dental visits as soon as their first tooth erupts or no later by their first birthday. Parents must bear in mind that they should be seeking professional help from a pediatric dentist near them for any of their child's oral health needs.

Why Must Parents Prefer a Pediatric Dentist for Their Child?

Pediatric dentists have the experience and qualifications necessary to provide children the best professional dental care. The oral healthcare pediatric dentists provide involve attention for a child's teeth, gums, and supporting tissues in the mouth. Pediatric dentists are your child's best friend when matters related to their oral health from infancy through adolescence are concerned. The pediatric dentist near you provides the protection needed by the child against oral health issues that result in long-term problems and consequences.

What Are the Services Provided by Pediatric Dentists?

The dentist in south-west Calgary provides oral health exams for infants, including assessing risks of tooth decay and cavities for the baby and the mother.
  • The dentists offer preventive measures to steer clear of cavities and decay with a dental cleaning, discussion on proper diet and nutrition, education, fluoride treatments, and many others.
  • They can detect oral health problems early as they are potentially linked to severe oral health conditions like asthma, diabetes, congenital heart problems, hay fever, and other issues.
  • Children's dentists can treat and care for dental injuries, including fractured and damaged teeth.
  • Besides repairing damaged and decayed teeth, children's dentists also provide habit counseling on pacifier use and thumb sucking.
  • They can help prevent and manage the treatment of gum and periodontal disease.

The Benefits of the Pediatric Dentist near You

Many families are accustomed to taking children to their family dentist, who provides oral care for the entire household. However, if parents begin to think differently and take their child to the pediatric dentist near you, they can rest assured their child will receive special care that general dentists cannot provide. Some conditions and concerns are specific to children and are best handled by pediatric dentists. Visiting a dentist's office with a child is a challenge that is difficult to overcome because children have dental anxiety and fears of the treatments offered. Children are uncooperative during their appointments and need a specialist who is incredibly patient with them. Pediatric dentists use special tricks and techniques to make children feel comfortable and less concerned during the procedure. They use equipment specially designed for children to ensure they can provide quality care to the child's oral health. Children must have their first dental visit immediately after their first milk tooth erupts or by their first birthday. Taking the child to the pediatric dentist ensures early detection and indications of potential health problems like tooth decay and cavities. If any issues are diagnosed, the dentist administers treatment in the most initial stages to prevent the problem from aggravating further.

Providing Proper Homecare for the Child

Children are also prone to oral health problems and infections. Unfortunately, they are dependent on adults to care for their teeth. Parents should assist them in developing excellent oral hygiene that the child grows up with. Parents can educate the child about proper brushing techniques and ensure they are persistently reminded how frequently they should indulge in this task. Parents are responsible for deciding when to take the child to a pediatric dentist and must adhere to the schedule provided by the dental professional to do so stringently. Parents must remember they are doing their child a favor by ensuring they are on top of that child's oral health. Children who do not learn about the benefits of excellent oral hygiene at an early age often fall prey to infections and diseases that affect their oral and overall health leading to significant expenditure for parents. Pediatric dentists are the experts capable of detecting issues in their early stages, unlike family or general dentists. It is why pediatric dentists should be preferred by parents who must attempt to understand the importance of children's dentistry.
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