What injuries can a mouth guard protect against

What Injuries Can a Mouth Guard Protect Against?

Feb 01, 2022
Are you an active person or enjoy playing sports? Or do you wake up every other morning with jaw pain or headaches? If you do, you are ready for custom mouth guards in Calgary, AB. Imagine how you'd feel when you suddenly lose a tooth or two while enjoying your favorite sport or even having to deal with jaw pain and headaches because of teeth grinding. This is why we have our custom mouth guard dentist who will help you enjoy your life without worrying that you might injure your mouth or deal with teeth grinding effects. A custom mouthguard is a small but worthy investment that will guarantee that you will save so much more money in the future. If you are interested to know more about mouthguards, continue reading.

Mouth Guards, In a Nutshell

You have probably encountered or seen a mouth guard, especially if you are an active athlete or lead an active lifestyle. This is the dental appliance that you see athletes in different sports such as boxing, ice hockey, etc., place over their teeth. The whole idea is to cushion the teeth against traumatic injuries such as knocks, punches, or blows typical of contact sports. They usually cover your upper teeth and are an excellent way of protecting the mouth's soft tissues such as the tongue, cheek lining, and lips. Mouthguards typically cover the top teeth because the front teeth are the ones that bear the brunt of trauma since they stick out. If you have fixed devices such as braces or dental bridges and participate in contact sports, our dentist may give you a mouth protector. On the flip side, you may not be an athlete, but you may need a mouth guard for teeth grinding if you have bruxism. Teeth grinding is also a common issue that needs custom mouth guards to protect your teeth from the damaging effects of friction.

What Do Mouth Guards Protect?

Anyone can use mouthguards, including children. They are an essential piece of athletic wear that will help cover the teeth of anyone who plays contact sports such as soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, boxing, etc. Also, if you play non-contact sports such as gymnastics or engage in any recreational activity such as mountain biking or skateboarding that may pose a risk to your dental health, you would benefit from wearing a mouthguard. The reason for getting a mouth guard is that you wish to reduce the risk of broken teeth and injuries to your lips, face, tongue, or jaw. You should always expect accidents to happen when you engage in physical activity. Getting a mouth guard for patients who grind their teeth will help prevent tooth damage from friction. Also, mouth guards will help protect your TMJ temporomandibular joint from the effects of jaw clenching. On the other hand, you might be engaging in physical activity, and you have braces and other fixed appliances; a blow to your face or mouth could damage the devices. Therefore, wearing a mouthguard would ensure that the fixed appliances remain intact.

What Are the Benefits of a Mouth Guard?

As you might have guessed, mouth guards come with benefits. Here are some of them:
  • Prevents Mouth Injuries
Just as the name suggests, mouth guards will shield your mouth from damage. This means that your teeth, and other soft tissues, such as your gums the tongue, will be protected. It will also protect your jaw from harm. You should know that mouthguards might not prevent injuries entirely. But they will absorb most of the impact and reduce the effect of trauma.
  • Prevents Tooth Damage
If you grind your teeth, the friction will cause your teeth to wear down. You will experience tooth sensitivity chipped teeth, and even your teeth can fracture. So, wearing a mouth guard will cushion your teeth from the effects of teeth grinding.
  • Prevents Skull Fractures
Taking a blow to your mouth can do much more than damage the teeth and lips. At times, the trauma can affect the bones in the mouth. Also, when you experience trauma to your head, it might result in a skull fracture. But wearing a mouthguard can help absorb some of the shocks, reducing the chances of fracturing your skull.
  • Save You Money
A mouthguard is an excellent investment since it will help you save more money in the future. If you miss protecting your teeth, you may have to deal with fractures, broken teeth, missing teeth, worn down teeth, etc. This will dent your wallet to resolve these issues. So, if you need custom mouth guards in Calgary, AB, contact us at Image Dental, and we would love to help you.
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