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What are The Benefits of Laser Bacterial Reduction?

Sep 01, 2021
Dental professionals need to be updated on the latest technologies within their fields of practice. At Image Dental, we aim to serve our dental patients while taking their best interests into account. Laser therapy reduction in Calgary is one of the innovative dental technologies that have enabled a comprehensive service in various fields of dentistry. It’s applied for routine visits, scheduled treatments, and many other procedures. For example, periodontal disease is among the quickest growing oral health concern, with more than 80% of U.S. adults suffering from some level of the disease. It’s therefore increasingly becoming essential to develop effective ways to treat bacterial growth that causes mouth and gums infections. More importantly, we need to understand the link between periodontitis and other health disorders like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, kidney failure, and even Alzheimer’s. Laser dentistry in SW Calgary is the next-level periodontal disease care. It’s gentler yet effective in minimizing bacterial loads.

How Does it Work?

We can view laser reduction therapy as a pre-procedural process for decontaminating dental structures prior to a tooth cleaning or other treatment. So it’s like a pre-cursor for decontaminating a patient’s gums. While it may be unrecognizable, dental healthcare providers juggle bacteria from one tooth to another unintentionally during a typical cleaning appointment. By reducing bacteria before a tooth cleaning, there is a lesser chance of bacterial spread from one pocket to another. The LBR procedure is simple and easy for reducing bacteria in the mouth before a tooth cleaning. As a result, you have the potential to reduce up to tenfold the risk of bacterial spread, which is a crucial development of modern dentistry.

What Are The Benefits

It’s difficult to ignore the benefits that laser bacterial therapy produces. So let’s look at the facts involved. Firstly, laser bacterial reduction enables the Calgary Dentist SW to reduce a patient’s bacterial load in the mouth from billions to several hundred for a duration of 6 weeks. It’s a comprehensive anti-bacterial therapy with a specific design for preventing gum disease. You can, in fact, describe it as an organic tooth cleaning. So look at it in this sense – we choose to at organic foods because we can’t consume pesticides or artificial ingredients. Well, LBR applies a similar principle, but regarding bacteria going into the body. Laser Bacteria Reduction helps reduce bacteria in a patient’s mouth, which would have ultimately settled in their bloodstream, creating more problems. The current results statistic shows that patients who use the laser bacterial reduction therapy experience less bleeding during their routine cleanings, lesser tooth and gum sensitivity, plus they experience an overall cleaner feeling.

Highly Common

LBR is rapidly becoming among the most sought-after dental procedures by our patients. This is due to the aforementioned benefits. 95% of our patients receive this therapy when they check in for their scheduled tooth cleaning appointments. Another benefit is that using the Laser Bacterial Reduction allows specialists to target the hard-to-reach areas forgotten during a normal tooth cleaning. In addition, when used on the gum tissue, laser therapy helps strengthen the collagen in the matrix of the gums. As a result, it helps to prevent existing bacteria from damaging the gums in-between visits. However, there are recommendations by some dentists that a pre-procedure mouth rinse produces similar effects. In response, mouth rinses are effective in bacterial removal, although not as efficient as LBR. Mouthwash is designed to remove bacteria on the teeth surface but cannot penetrate from under the gums, where bacterial growth often occurs. Using the Laser Bacteria Reduction therapy, the dentist near you spots bacteria living in the sulcus, the exact part where dental hygienists rest their tools. Failure to eliminate the bacteria causes cross-contamination and the spreading of the bacteria during cleaning. This spread becomes more significant when the patient checks in for their next scheduled visit.
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The Cost of Laser Bacterial Reduction

Laser reduction therapy is a simple process that takes minimum time and effort, so it’s consequently a low-cost procedure. The only high costs come in when purchasing the equipment used to provide laser treatment. Combining these two factors and the fact that most insurance schemes do not authenticate laser treatment as a general cleaning hygiene supplement, you will pay fairly for LBR benefits. Also, as more patients request the use of LBR during their regular visits as a method of periodontal disease treatment, its costs are likely to reduce. Insurance companies are also more likely to cover for it in this case.
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