How to Properly Care For Your Teeth On World Smile Day

How to Properly Care For Your Teeth On World Smile Day

Oct 01, 2022

A gorgeous smile is a definite head-turner. This is because it can light up a room and lift even the dullest of spirits or moods. Truth be told, it's one of the most memorable facial features we have, next to our eyes, of course.

This being said, you must ensure that you are doing all you can to protect and safeguard your precious smile. It will only stand out positively if you take care of it as you should. What better time is there to reflect on how to take care of your smile than during World Smile Day?

Most people have no idea that this fundamental day exists and what it's about, and probably you might be wondering as well.

What Is World Smile Day?

World Smile Day is usually celebrated on the first Friday of October. It is usually symbolized by the smiley face symbol that was created in 1963 by Harvey Ball, a graphic artist. The first ever world smile day was celebrated in 1999, and ever since then, this day has been set aside globally to allow people to celebrate all the things in their lives that make them smile or happy.

On this day, we are encouraged to take time and engage in activities or even acts of kindness that will make the people in our lives and ourselves smile. This means that the highlight of this day is your precious smile.

To feel free and confident enough to smile like you should on this day, you must ensure that your smile is tip-top. Dental issues such as stained, chipped, yellow or missing teeth can get in the way of your ability to share your smile with your loved ones or people around you on World Smile Day.

However, do not worry; our dentist in Calgary, SW, has got you covered. We offer myriad dental procedures that can improve and transform your smile and overall oral health in preparation for this day.

The Importance of Oral Health

Quite often, people downplay the importance of oral health to their overall health and well-being. This is because they tend to focus on general health and pay little attention to oral health.

For instance, people will have a family doctor on call that they visit for checkups or treatment; however, they will not have a family dentist that they can visit in case of an emergency or for a regular dental checkup.

Your oral health plays an important role in determining your overall health and well-being. Dental issues left unchecked can develop into serious health complications, such as life-threatening infections.

Apart from this, your oral health can impact your physical and emotional well-being because it affects how you look and, consequently, how you feel about yourself. Your dental health will also affect your diet, nutrition and speech .this is why you need to take excellent care of your dental health.

What Are the Best Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth?

For you to have a stunning smile, you must ensure that you take good care of your pearly whites. Healthy teeth are free from cavities and plaque that can bring about dental issues such as gum disease, weakened teeth, stains, and, if left unchecked, tooth loss.

Here's how you care for your teeth:

  • Brush for at least two minutes, at least twice every day after meals. This will help ensure that your teeth and gums are free of plaque
  • Floss your teeth correctly each day to get rid of food particles and plaque
  • Use a recommended fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your teeth and curb tooth decay
  • Watch what you eat because sugar-packed foods promote tooth decay and cavity formation.
  • Eat a balanced diet containing lots of essential nutrients such as calcium and vitamins that promote strong teeth and healthy gums
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking brings about tooth staining and gum disease and can eventually cause oral cancer
  • Ensure that you visit our dentist near you regularly for a regular dental checkup and a routine professional cleaning to keep all those dental issues at bay

How Can You Make Sure You Are Taking Care of Your Teeth Properly?

Practicing good oral hygiene, eating right and using fluoride toothpaste are all excellent ways to safeguard your teeth. However, the best way to take care of your teeth properly is to visit our dentist near you regularly.

Regular dental checkups guarantee that any dental issue will be caught and addressed in time before they develop into complications that will need more time, dental procedures, and money to treat.

Contact us today at Image Dental for your scheduled dental visit.

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