Fun Ways for Children to Learn How to Brush

Fun Ways for Children to Learn How to Brush

Mar 01, 2022
Inculcating an excellent oral hygiene routine at an early age in your child is important for good oral health. As you know, a healthy smile shows good dental and overall health. So as a parent, teach your kid the proper brushing/flossing technique. The first adult teeth of your little one (mainly molars) can affect the face shape and health of other adult teeth.

How to Teach Kids to Brush Their Teeth? - 5 Effective Tips

Introduce the following brushing tips to your children:

1. Teach Your Kid to Brush Early

Start teaching your children how to brush their teeth properly at a young age. Doing this will make them comfortable to brush their teeth on a routine basis. The excellent method is to do it with your kid to build a convenient routine. Also, teach your kid about bad breath, cavities, and dental caries. Make brushing a fun experience by allowing your kids to imitate your brushing method. It is an excellent approach to ensure that both you and your children do brushing for the right amount of time.

2. Appreciate the Brushing Skills of Your Children

As a parent, you must motivate your children's brushing skills. It is an excellent way to ensure that your kids follow a proper dental hygiene routine and carry them for the rest of their lives. Do not worry about the mess they create on the sink or counter. Let your kid do everything himself and cheer them on as they go on.

3. Pick the Right Dental Care Provider

Another vital step in teaching your kids about good oral hygiene is picking the right dentist specializing in children’s dentistry in Calgary. The expert knows how to make dental visits stress-free and fun. The children’s dentist also offers tips and tricks for keeping gums and teeth clean.

4. Use the Right Dental Tools

Always prefer kid-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste. They will make them much simpler and easier to brush your teeth. Always use a small amount of fluoride toothpaste. Besides this, install a tooth brushing timer app on your phone. It will alert your children when their brushing time gets over.

5. Give a Demo of Proper Brushing Technique

Demonstrate to your children the basics of proper brushing techniques:
  • Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle against the gum lining.
  • Move it forth and back gently in tiny strokes.
  • By beginning at the gum line, brush teeth wholly to the chewing tooth surface.
  • Brush chewing, outer, and inner surfaces properly.
  • When cleaning the inside of your front teeth, twist the brush a little bit vertically and do up and down short strokes.
  • Focus on each tooth during your session and dedicate 2 minutes as the brushing time.
  • Finish by brushing tongue back-front.

​How Brushing Your Teeth is Important?

Teeth brushing and flossing are essential for both adults and kids. Doing them properly eliminates bacteria and prevents plaque build-up that causes gum diseases and dental caries. When you eat, the bacteria in your mouth break down sugar on teeth into acids. These acids eat enamel that results in holes known as cavities. Gum diseases make your gums sore, red, and swollen. So, motivate your kids to participate in their routine as they get older. Remember, young kids, do not have the fine motor skills essential to floss and brush their teeth properly. Start brushing your little one's teeth as soon as you see his/her first tooth. When you floss or brush your child’s teeth, explain loudly what you are doing. Once your kid holds the toothbrush properly, allow him/her to brush teeth in front of the mirror. The majority of children learn well by doing things themselves. As a parent, you must supervise the teeth brushing of your children till they become 7 years old. When your children brush their teeth, do have a quick follow-up if needed to ensure that there is no lingering plaque. Taking the help of a mirror will help them do their task easily.

Children's Dentistry Near Me

When your kid begins brushing their teeth late, they start having tartar and plaque build-up on their teeth, resulting in cavities. These cavities can have the same damage as that on adult teeth. For more details, contact dental experts at​ Image Dental today.
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