Does Using Teeth Whitening Give You Cavities?

Does Using Teeth Whitening Give You Cavities?

May 01, 2022
Before going for teeth whitening in Calgary, AB, it is important to consider your dental history. If you are prone to cavities, the chemical used in the teeth whitening procedure may worsen your tooth cavity. Therefore, it is imperative you consult your dentist in Calgary for them to check your dental teeth and whether you have any cavities. It is crucial for the dentist to address any dental issue that may lead to complications after a teeth whitening treatment. This is especially true when it comes to cavities. The dentist needs to fill any cavities in your teeth before the treatment. This article will help you learn more about dealing with cavities and tooth decay before teeth whitening treatment.

Dealing with Cavities and Tooth Decay

Tooth decay and cavities can cause lots of pain to the patient. When this is the case, the dentist can administer treatment right away. However, at times, you might have a cavity that is just developing, and you don't experience any pain. This means the dentist near you can continue the teeth whitening procedure without noticing something is off. This is why running a diagnosis and checking the patient’s dental history is vital. When checking for any cavities or decay in your teeth, the dentist will probe your teeth with a piece of dental equipment to look for soft areas that might be infected by bacteria. After the dentist determines whether or not you have tooth decay or cavities, they can offer different treatment plans. The treatment plan is dependent on the extent of damage to your teeth. First, if your cavity has just begun, the dentist can recommend a fluoride treatment. This treatment helps restore the tooth's enamel and can reverse the damage caused by the cavity if it's in the early stages. The fluoride is brushed on your teeth which is in gel, liquid, or varnish form. Another method the dentist can use to deal with cavities and tooth decay is dental fillings. This treatment is appropriate for patients who have decayed teeth. As the name suggests, dental fillings are used to fill holes or gaps created by the bacteria that erodes the tooth. Then, the dentist fills these gaps and makes the teeth suitable for teeth whitening. Dental crowns are used when you have extensive teeth decay. The dentist takes an impression of your decayed tooth and replaces the entire natural crown of your tooth with a custom-made one. This is a viable treatment option as the material is resistant to erosion and tooth grinding. The dentist in Calgary can also install a root canal to treat tooth decay. This treatment involves the endodontist removing the pulp that contains nerve ending that cause toothache. By using this treatment plan, the dentist ensures the pain caused by tooth decay is treated, and therefore the teeth whitening treatment can go ahead as planned.

What to Expect During Teeth Whitening?

You will receive a professional dental cleaning before the teeth whitening procedure. This cleaning is important as it removes any hardened tartar and plaque from your teeth. Professional dental cleaning is important as it removes plaque and ensures you get better results after teeth whitening. After the professional dental cleaning, gauze is placed in your mouth to keep it dry. The gauze is important as it protects the cheeks, gums, and lips from irritation from the whitening gel, which is harmless to the teeth but can cause some uneasiness to the named parts. In addition to this, your gums will be painted with a protective barrier before the whitening gel is applied. The dentist then applies the whitening gel at the front surface of your teeth. You don't have to worry about feeling any pain, as this procedure is pain-free. Next, a special ultraviolet light is used on your teeth to activate the gel to offer faster and better results. This treatment procedure takes about an hour, and you might feel some warmth when the special light is used on your teeth. Take note that this will not cause any pain. When the treatment is over, your teeth are washed, and now you can have a brighter smile. Teeth whitening procedure can be performed at Image Dental. Visit our dental clinic, and we will book you an appointment to revitalize your smile.
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