5 Simple Tips to Prep Your Child’s Teeth for the Fall Season

5 Simple Tips to Prep Your Child’s Teeth for the Fall Season

Sep 09, 2022

Oral healthcare matters a lot and should be prioritized throughout the year. Neither adults nor children should neglect their dental health since it can negatively affect their wellbeing.  As the weather gets colder, your child’s teeth will need time to adapt to the new climate. To make it easier for your child’s teeth to adjust to the weather conditions, you should take your child to see a children’s dentist in Calgary, AB regularly.

Why Is It Important to Prep Your Child’s Teeth for the Fall Season?

As the climate changes and gets a lot colder, your child may start to experience tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking due to their nerve endings getting exposed to the dry cold air. This can be very uncomfortable for your child and cause them to refuse to take certain food especially if it makes their teeth more sensitive.

The cold weather can also cause your child to crave for sweets and chocolate more often. This is not necessarily bad but if they don’t practice good oral hygiene it would be a matter of time before their teeth get cavities.

It’s also worth noting that the fluctuating heat levels can cause gum recession to intensify not only for children but adults too. Another good reason as to why you should prepare your child’s teeth for the fall season by taking them to see a Calgary dentist SW is that their teeth may crack due to the change in temperature from warm to cold. The cold air might do some more damage by causing their lips to dry and bleed living them with blisters.

What Are Some Simple Tips to Follow?

Ensure Your Child Drinks Plenty of Water

Ensuring your child drinks plenty of water is not only beneficial to their general wellbeing but also their dental health. Water can stimulate more production of saliva, this is beneficial to their teeth as it keeps their mouth moist, flushes out harmful bacteria, and more importantly, helps coat their teeth in a protective layer. Furthermore, water has minerals that help strengthen teeth and thus protects the tooth enamel. When your child doesn’t take enough water, their mouth can become dry which encourages bacteria to grow.

Don’t Give Your Child Lots of Sugary Drinks

The cold weather can make your child crave for sweet drinks, especially the popular pumpkin spice latte, egg nog and hot chocolate. If not taken in moderation these drinks can lots of damage to children’s oral health such as dental carries and stains. Since it won’t be fair to deny your child the satisfaction that comes from satisfying their cravings, its best that you limit their intake of sugary drinks while ensuring they brush their teeth soon after they are done. This will prevent plaque from building up in your child’s teeth thus protecting their teeth from stains and cavities.

Replace Your Child’s Tooth Brush

All toothbrushes get worn out with regular use. If you notice that your child’s tooth brush has some missing bristles then perhaps it’s time to get them a new one. We usually encourage our patients’ parents or guardians to do this after every 3 to 4 months as the toothbrush becomes less effective once it gets worn out. Furthermore, if your child had caught a cold or some kind of infectious illness, the use of an old worn out toothbrush can cause them to get reinfected.

Plan for the Weather Induced Tooth Sensitivity

The cold can cause tooth sensitivity and cracking of lips and that might be challenging to treat especially since you can’t completely shield your child from the winter climate. It’s therefore more effective to partake in preventive measures to protect your children’s oral health by using lip balm to protect their lips from blisters and taking them to see a children’s dentist in AB.

Schedule Your Child for Dental Cleaning Before the Holiday

Dental cleaning is important as it can remove plaque that a regular toothbrush could not reach. We recommend booking an appointment early, before the holiday so your child doesn’t end up on a long wait list.

The Importance of a Good Oral Hygiene?

Good oral hygiene is beneficial to your child’s oral health. Regular brushing and flossing can prevent the buildup of plaque in the teeth, which is the major cause of dental carries and gum disease. Research also shows that good oral hygiene can reduce the chances of getting other disease such as heart disease and diabetes.


Preparing your child’s teeth for the fall is crucial to protecting their teeth from the cold induced tooth sensitivity and other dental problems. Ensure you take your child for regular dental checkups to keep their teeth healthy and prevent future dental emergencies. Visit Image Dental today for the best pediatric dental care. We have invested our time to making sure our young patients receive the best dental services in a comfortable environment.

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